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15. November 2016
10 Actions That Will Improve Profitability All companies must have a healthy bottom line to maximize their success. This is particularly true for creative companies involved in the delivery of live events as profit allows for investment in talent and infrastructure, enables the ability to turn-down unwanted work, and generates loyalty through greater rewards for employees. Although pricing strategies can do a lot to enhance profit, there is obviously a limit to what can be charged. Therefore,...

13. July 2016
As much as we are fans of Blair Enns’ excellent book, The Win Without Pitching Manifesto, the reality is that all companies who deliver creative solutions to their clients, and who are striving to grow, will have to pitch to win business. This is not a knock on Blair’s premise, which if followed could well lead to pitching less but we believe, based upon our experience of delivering literally hundreds of RFP responses, coupled with the reality of today’s highly competitive and...

03. June 2016
It is hard to focus on growth when you are moving a million miles a minute, keeping clients happy, keeping employees engaged, busting your butt to produce great work. But you MUST focus on growth. If this is a challenge for you, here are some reasons why. Want more information? Tonic Consulting Group can help!