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13. July 2016
As much as we are fans of Blair Enns’ excellent book, The Win Without Pitching Manifesto, the reality is that all companies who deliver creative solutions to their clients, and who are striving to grow, will have to pitch to win business. This is not a knock on Blair’s premise, which if followed could well lead to pitching less but we believe, based upon our experience of delivering literally hundreds of RFP responses, coupled with the reality of today’s highly competitive and...

03. June 2016
It is hard to focus on growth when you are moving a million miles a minute, keeping clients happy, keeping employees engaged, busting your butt to produce great work. But you MUST focus on growth. If this is a challenge for you, here are some reasons why. Want more information? Tonic Consulting Group can help!
22. February 2016
Online & off, listening and engaging with customers and employees is still important and critical to a company's success. Just a few of the great tips for managing your business's social media marketing!
18. February 2016
For years, Fashion Week has been inclusive and formulaic. Finally designers are catching up to 2016 and creating digitally shareable, unique experiences that represent their brand and bring them closer to consumers. Fashion Week has taken cue from other leading consumer brands and joined the world of Experiential Marketing!
09. February 2016
Tips to help you get the most out of your social media efforts and great reminders on ROI- what we all seem to forget but is ultimately the most important piece of the puzzle!
26. January 2016
All publicity is good publicity? Maybe not, just ask these companies who ranked in the top 5 marketing FAILS for 2015! Smart & clever can so easily be inappropriate & offensive and in this day and age, no one gets away with it!