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Even Superheroes Need A Break

Being a superhero can be tiring, and one way or another, you and everyone on your team has been one this year. Besides dealing with existential threats, personal health risks and family challenges, your work required you to do more with less, to calm anxious clients, and to learn about and produce in new technologies in real time. It’s been exhausting!

So it's no surprise there are a lot of articles about preventing burnout as 2020 comes to a close. Mental health and self-care have been a priority these past 9 months, and it’s great seeing them discussed openly.

On that front, we’d like to make a recommendation to agency owners and leaders: close down over the holidays. This isn’t new to many agencies, but if you haven’t done this before, please give it serious consideration.

Individual time off is great, but your team’s world will slow down even more when the entire agency is taking a break; few emails, no meetings, no FOMO. They’ll return recharged, feeling like they’d been away much longer.

You’ll experience the same - along with an additional benefit: time to think. We’re betting the business is always top of mind for you. But when was the last time you had extended time to think, or read, listen to music or do whatever you do for inspiration without emails and colleagues waiting for your attention?

We know many business owners who’ve made radical and successful shifts after an agency-wide mini-sabbatical like this. You’re smart and will find ways to deal with your FOMO about a potential client call or project popping up. All will still be there January 2. And most likely, they got it off of their desks and onto yours so they could take the time off.

So hang up your cape for a little while and invest in an agency recharge. Taking care of your team and yourself IS taking care of your agency. It’s never been more needed.

Happy Holidays.

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