How We Do It

At Tonic, we realize the first step is often the hardest. That is why we offer a unique pre-engagement service that allows you to get to know us, as we get to know you. During pre-engagement, we will meet with a select group of your key leaders and discuss the current state of your business, your optimum brand positioning,  as well as your future plans. We will then create a document that summarizes our discussions, clarifies the issues that need to be addressed to achieve your desired end-state, defines business objectives and key performance indicators, identifies actions, and specifies how Tonic may be able to help. We have found this alone can often lead to improved clarity, focus and renewed energy.

Once fully engaged, we dive in, roll-up our sleeves and GSD (it’s an acronym - figure it out). We will broaden our input, via discussion and research, to include all appropriate key members of your constituencies (employees, business partners, clients, competitors, etc.).  The insights gained from what we heard and researched are used to re-validate and enhance our roadmap (including the business objectives, metrics and recommended actions). We then utilize workshops and other communications to align leadership and employees to the desired change in a supportive and inclusive manner. This greatly helps to ensure that the actions are understood and embraced. Implementation is then carried out by us, you, or others, with regular follow-up that enables accountability and assures success.


We can do all of this or any part of it. However, we are partners not bullies. We don’t mandate, we recommend. And we don’t walk away; we will stay with you as long as you need our help.  

On-Demand Advisor Option

While we typically work with our clients on a project basis, we have found that some clients would like the benefit of our experience and knowledge without the commitment to a specific scope of work. This advisor relationship provides support and counsel on a wide range of topics from an objective business insider. Our clients have found this relationship incredibly valuable as it offers them a sense of security and support that they don’t normally have as entrepreneurs or leaders within their organizations.


We are happy to discuss if you are interested in learning more!

Areas of Expertise Include:

Sales & Marketing

  • New Business Growth Strategy
  • Account Planning & Organic Growth Strategy
  • Team & Organizational Analysis
  • Client Retention & Management Enhancement
  • Client Attrition Analysis
  • RFP Process Improvement
  • RFP Response Guidance
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Agency SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Implementation Plan
  • Product/Service Line Expansion



  • P&L Optimization
  • Organizational Structure Analysis
  • Project Management Improvement
  • Project Profitability Improvement
  • Customer Profitability Analysis
  • Commission and Incentive Schemes
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration
  • Procurement Process Improvement
  • Pricing Strategies and Negotiation Techniques
  • Legal/Business Contract Negotiation
  • Legal Issues Audit
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Multi-office Management Techniques
  • International Operations Consultation