All Sounds Great, But Why Tonic?

Our expertise comes from our first-hand experience in the live event ecosystem and in growing small accounts to large accounts and small offices to large offices. Yup, we have been there and done that.   


Who We Are

Bill Boris-Schacter, Founding Partner

After graduating cum laude from New England School of Law, BBS decided to go a different route and joined the fast-growing world of the multi-projector slide industry (aka multi-image). Working in a number of boutique agencies, BBS developed a new process for making special effects slides, became a slide projector programmer and ultimately became an Executive Producer of meetings and events for numerous corporations, including Gillette, Ocean Spray and Hewlett-Packard.


BBS joined the highly regarded event marketing agency, Jack Morton Worldwide, when it had only seven employees in its Boston office, and as Director Production, helped lead the office growth to 125 employees. After a stint as co-general manager of Jack Morton’s Australia operations, BBS returned to the US to become the EVP of Global Operations and Client Finance and a member of the 7 person executive team that oversaw all strategic initiatives for the 800 person, publicly-traded, agency.


Along the way he:

Ø  Produced a 45 projector slide show

Ø  Played Stormy Monday with Dickey Betts

Ø  Re-organized a manufacturing facility to be profitable for the first time in three years

Ø  Developed, pitched, and won business using a myriad of pricing models

Ø  Consulted with management personnel across the globe to optimize their operations

Ø  Spent months in Beijing, China to save a complex project from derailing

Ø  Made a three point shot at the buzzer to win the game…multiple times

Ø  Developed a preferred supplier program that saved clients millions of dollars

Ø  Raised two great kids in partnership with his amazing professional wife

Ø  Traveled to over 36 countries

Ø  Reviewed and edited hundreds of contracts


Those are the stats, here is the character:


BBS is an excellent partner, with hands-on knowledge and quick insights. He listens acutely, responds with honesty and clarity and implements his recommendations with energy and compassion. His passion is creating smart operations that lead to better business decisions informed by key insights, increased margins and healthy, growing organizations. He has done just this across multiple organizations for his entire career and looks forward to doing it with you. 


For more information:

Bill Bunkers, Partner

Bunkers has spent more than three decades in agency leadership, improving operations, building long-term client relationships and developing new capabilities, teams and culture.


At Jack Morton Chicago he developed an award-winning team. Bunkers doubled billings and profit, creating an operation that was "the" team to beat and nurtured many future Morton leaders. He rose from Executive Producer to Midwest Director of Production, and then to SVP/Managing Director, overseeing several offices.


He returned to the privately-owned agency world, helping one shop regain its footing and competitive strength, and then joined August Jackson early in the agency's history. He played an important role growing the Chicago team as Managing Director. His last position was EVP, People & Culture.


Along the way he:

Ø  Executive produced large events, multi-city tours, product launches, brand experiences, permanent installations, film, video, and digital presentations

Ø  Had one CEO refer to him as "the real deal friggin' Swiss Army Knife."

Ø  Worked for clients in beer & spirits, retail, telecom, food, pharma, hospital products, consulting, accounting, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing and technology

Ø  Expanded offerings, developed new resources and built great partnerships with suppliers

Ø Got certified as a leadership coach through The Coaches Training Institute, and loves helping leaders become the people their dogs think they are

Ø  Negotiated many client master services agreements

Ø  Won industry and agency awards, but having happy and long-term clients was even nicer

Ø  Still plays drums and still has his hearing. He too played "Stormy Monday" with Dickey Betts


Those are the stats, here's the character:


He's the calm in the storm, helping impassioned colleagues work through the day's burning fire. Bunkers instills trust and belief in their own abilities. He listens and guides instead of "tells."  He believes a great culture is required to maximize an agency's potential, and culture isn't about having a dog in the office or beer in the fridge. Fun is important, but that's the least of it, and he'll be happy to bend your ear on this subject (maybe while you're enjoying a beer from the fridge and petting the office dog).


For more info: bunkers@TonicConsultingGroup.com