What Our Clients Are Saying:

What We Do

We help live event agencies & their partners improve brand messaging, enhance employee engagement, increase sales, and optimize delivery and profitability.  


We do this by mentoring and coaching leadership and key employees to be better leaders and managers, and giving them the tools and insights necessary to make smarter business decisions.







Our Philosophy

Growth doesn't occur simply by hiring a "better" salesperson (which itself is not a simple task).


Growth is achieved if the brand is uniquely positioned, the employees embrace that positioning, the marketing supports that positioning, the sales staff has the tools and knowledge to leverage that positioning, and the operations group delivers on the promise.

Who We Are

We are you - but with more years and wider experience.


Consider us "unconsultants": no prognosticating from on-high! We roll up our sleeves and work hard, supplying coaching and additional "arms and legs" to help ensure your team and your business is working at the highest level possible.


And we have fun doing it.