We're in the "secrets business:" you won't see client names and case studies so we can maintain the confidentiality we promise.

Tonic works with a wide range of companies: B2B, B2C, Marcom, Trade Show and Production Technology.

We often find ourselves working with clients with profiles like these through a specific process with a fee structures tailored to the need:



We've developed an expertise of working with sole entrepreneurs and/or recently created agencies (in business for under 5 years and with 1-10 employees). Owners have experience in a specific discipline - business development, accounts, operations, creative - but this is their first shot running a firm. Tonic brings the broad experience they desperately need, but can't hire yet, providing leadership coaching, business and financial management oversight, growth planning, operational expertise, and talent and resource development strategies. We often work as an on-going advisor, helping to firefight daily challenges.



An agency in business for a decade - or even several - often reaches a point where it's difficult to look at the operation with fresh eyes and new energy. Tonic has been effective when leaders want to grow but aren't sure how: they know what they know. Tonic provides an objective assessment of all assumptions, processes and sacred cows through the lens of our experience. We help to implement the change required to remove the roadblocks to growth. These companies are privately owned, may have as few as 10 people or as many as 150, have a tenured leadership team, multiple locations and a possible owner exit on the horizon.



We conduct our version of an annual physical with you and your team. We return with our point of view - what's working and what isn't - and a plan to you move forward. We coach you through the early implementation. We believe our clients have the greatest success if we work with them as a retained partner, with the length of time tied to the goals they want to accomplish. But of course, we've had other types of engagements as well. Let's talk about what works best for you.



We don't bill by the hour because we never want to do timesheets again (can you blame us?).
We'll talk with you about your goals and scope, and we'll provide a project fee or monthly retainer for our work. Expenses are extra (what expenses - no one's traveling? But when we are again, you'll know about the costs in advance).
We stick to our fee as long as the scope remains the same. And if it does change, you'll know before we start the work. No surprises.


Tonic helped us on a number of fronts, from leadership coaching to improving our financial acumen. As a result of working with Tonic, we increased our top line by 7%, but more importantly, increased our bottom line by 33%!

Event Agency Operations Leadership

Tonic redefined our brand to better communicate our service offerings, delivered tools and coaching to increase the skills and success of our account people, and provided valuable counsel to our leadership. I have a new appreciation  the value of consulting, and in particular, Tonic's ability to bring valuable insights and practical solutions based on their years of work in the live event industry.

Founder and CEO of Event Technology Company

As a sole proprietor of an event marketing agency, I found Tonic's experience, knowledge, and business insights invaluable in helping me position my agency for growth. There were wonderful partners, providing excellent counsel, guidance and problem-solving assistance. And they were totally fun to work with!

Experiential Agency Owner

The most successful we've been in talking about and planning for our business was when we worked with Tonic. You created a plan that's our roadmap.

Marcom Agency Owner

I've worked with consultants and coaches before, but none of them ever understood my business. You get it!"

Event Agency Owner

They're really good at what they do. You should hire them.

Their Wives