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Going Virtual? It's Time to Be Real.

I’ve been on nearly a dozen Zooms in the past few weeks.

For starters, thank you Zoom. Where would we be without you? The technology is amazing and we no longer can live without you.

The Zooms I’ve been on have replaced phone calls, been group meetings, and some have been sessions telling people how to do this “virtual” thing.

But enough already.

Too many are taking the structure of what would have happened live and just flipping it to the screen in hopes of going virtual.

It doesn’t work.

If you’re going virtual, you’ll need to work harder and go places you’ve been scared to go before.

First and foremost - before you even think about the tech and structure - you'll need to show us who you really are.

You'll have to be: engaging. authentic. vulnerable.

Your audience will be calling bullshit on spin, corporate-speak and you being afraid.

This moment has created a shift in priorities, forcing us to re-examine what we believe is important. We’re going to be less generous with our attention.

Time to be fearless. Your audience needs you to step up.

To be the person, the brand, the corporation you say you are, for the people who need you to be THAT. Not a facsimile. Not a storefront prop. The real deal.


There’s no better time.

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