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It's A New Game

When the pandemic hit, Tonic’s conversations with our clients went from being about growth, to being about survival: from having the right resources, to having too many resources; from maximizing profits, to minimizing losses. The change in conversation was head-spinningly quick, in one case within a day. The game changed virtually overnight and everyone went from offense to defense.

Recently, everyone’s asking: what happens next? In the event marketing industry, this question is referring to what type of events will be occurring in the next 12-24 months? How can we maximize what we learned over the last year about digital and virtual events? How can we program hybrid events to be successful for both live audiences and through-the-screen audiences? When will the truly big live events come back and what will they look/sound/feel like?

These are important questions that all of you should be thinking about, because this is what your clients are thinking about.

However, if you’re the leader of an agency, or any business, these aren’t the only critical questions to be asking. Remember that head-spinning swing, how the game changed on a dime? Well, our prediction is: it’s about to happen again.

Right now you should be asking: what does my business need to be successful coming out of this pandemic?

Do I have the right resources and do they have the right skills, knowledge and tools to be successful in this new paradigm? Are my processes set up to accommodate a new way of working and communicating when not everyone will be in the office regularly? Do I have my financial house in order so that I know quickly and accurately if I can invest, if I can hire, and if I’m getting the right return from my pricing? And, perhaps most importantly, do I have everything I need to lead my team into this new game?

Now’s the time when everything internally should be re-evaluated. The game is shifting and you have to go from defense to offense quickly to ensure you’re not left behind.

Additionally, your clients are going to be playing in this new game too. They’re going to want things to be different. They’re going to want new strategic and creative thinking that accommodates and enhances the new paradigm. They’re going to be looking for new programming that works across all platforms (or is maximized for each platform). And if they don’t believe they can get that from you, your clients will look elsewhere.

So, it’s also time to go on offense with your clients. Now’s the time to reach out to them, let them know you’re thinking ahead, let them know you’re making changes, let them know you’re ready to help them succeed in this new paradigm. If you don’t, you may end up playing a losing defense.

Every championship team has certain characteristics: strong leadership, a perfect balance of resources, great communication…and a really solid game plan that shifts from defense to offense at just the right time. Pre-season is just about over. Are you ready? Are your leaders ready? Are your employees ready?

Need help with your game plan?

Tonic Consulting Group works with live event agencies and related companies providing the insights, expertise and direction necessary to create enduring competitive advantage. We work with leaders to build new pathways to growth, create high-performing operations and develop companies people love working for.


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