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Set Your Sales Sights on 2022

We're at the 2021 midway point and it marks an important time in the B2B live event selling cycle: for all intents and purposes, this year is done.

You should already have line of sight on the projects you need to hit your goal. We're not saying you can’t still land work for this year, but the sales cycle is long and large budget projects are already contracted and underway. A nice six-figure + project is unlikely to be awarded and completed before year-end.

That's why your sales attention must be on 2022. Don’t let summer lull you into complacency – you should be intensifying your efforts by having focused conversations with your prospects and clients.

For your prospects, your window is closing to ensure you'll be invited to participate in an RFP for ‘22. There still may be time to land a small introductory program that will help build their trust, but the decisions about which agencies to involve are being made now for RFPs that will be issued after Labor Day. The conversations demonstrating your ability to be a great resource need to take on an increased sense of urgency.

Your current clients are developing next year's annual budget. Can you have a strategic conversation with them about their goals, and how you fit into their plans? If you're waiting for them to call, know that your competitors are asking these questions. Account leaders should be having these meetings, but if they’re not qualified, it’s an opportunity for your leadership to deepen client relationships while providing a teachable moment for your account team.

Our experience is that these conversations will also surface shorter term projects for the current year, which of course gets you closer to your goal. And as much as you’re sweating in summer’s heat, it’s a lot less than you will be in January if you don’t approach 2022 now with renewed energy and focus.

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